MAY 24 - JUNE09 


The Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 So. 7th Street (corner of 7th and Main) announces auditions for PLAYZAPALOOZA 2019 - original one act plays, running from May 24th June 9th. 
Performances are Friday and Saturday evening at 8p and Sunday Matinees at 2:30.
Auditions will be held Sunday, March. 24 from 11-2 am and Tuesday., March. 26 from 7pm-10pm.
This is a Non-Equity production.  There is NO PAY.  
Auditions will be cold readings from the script.  No appointments necessary. Questions regarding the play or preparation for auditions may be asked directly to the project manager, Elixeo Flores at  No conflicts allowed for performances or for tech week (the week preceding opening).  There will be no call backs. All roles open.
Visit our website for available roles and more information on the plays.
What:  Auditions for Playzapalooza 2019 - original one act plays
Where: Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 So. 7th St., Santa Paula 
When:  Sunday, March. 24 from 11-2 am and Tuesday., March. 26 from 7pm-10pm
How: Cold readings from the script. No appointments necessary, all inquiries to Elixeo Flores at Non-Equity, NO PAY.
Link to Sides (All Plays)

Blue Bench by Aleks Merilo - Hoping to confirm his suspicions about a particular circus act, a young man sneaks backstage at the worst circus in Paris. He instead finds himself confronted by a haunted figure who will change his life forever, and learns the secrets of the BLUE BENCH

YOUTH: A local boy, probably about 14.
THE MAN: A man with a deformed face, hidden beneath a crude mask. In
his late 30's.

Bunnies by Greg Atkins - Two friends meet up in a motel room. One is on the run and the other is there to arrest him. A sweet and humorous look at two men facing the inevitable.

OREN – Male, 50’s-60’s - race open
RAY – Male, 50’s-60’S - race open

Tempus Fugit by Greg Atkins – Tempus Fugit is a Latin phrase, usually translated into English as “time flies”.  And may we also add “when you’re having fun”?  Which is what this play is, a fun and heart felt look into the past and future of our relationships.

GARY – Mid 20’s.
CYNTHIA – Mid 20’s

Nearly Departed by Michael Waterson – Meeting death can be disappointing.  Which, when you think of it, is probably a good thing.  Right?

STEVE 50, Well dressed business man
REAPER Male or female, indeterminate age, ragged, Chaplin-like.

Runed by Jonathan Josephson – A spoof of M.R. James’ short story “Casting the Runes”, and that is all we are liberty to say about it, other than to say Runed is a most delightfully diabolical play.  Enjoy!  

Bunning - 30s
Winkle - 30s
Payton - 50s
Farswell - 30s
Casting Note: The characters are written as men but they can
easily be played by women with gendered pronouns changed.

The Action Hero’s Wife by Michael Higgins - A woman trapped inside a Hollywood action movie tries to break free of the clichés that define her life.  Haven’t we all been there at least once or twice?

KAM. Male. 20s-40s. A big city police detective. Heroic in the style of an
action movie star.
WILLIAMS. Male. 20s-50s. Kam's by-the-book partner. Also straight out of
action movie land.
LAURA. Female. 20s-40s. Kam's good-hearted wife. Bored with her life
inside a male-oriented, Bechdel Test-failing drama.
TATIANA. Female. 20s-40s. A member of a criminal organization. Russian

The Chip by Michael Higgins - The Chip is a comedy about a struggling artist 90 years in the future. To earn extra money, she allows an advertising firm to insert a computer chip in her head. But the effects on her romantic life are unsettling…to say the least. 

REBISSA. Female. 20s/30s. A struggling artist.
VANDER. Male. 20s/30s. A man who screens potential astronauts.

The Window by Tristen Canfield – It’s a delightful play about a cat and a fish. 

FISH A free spirit with a zest for life and a love of new things. Open age, open gender.
CAT A philosopher who tends toward the morose. Open age, open gender.