MAY 24 - JUNE09 


backstage@SPTC (Santa Paula Theater Center) announces its ninth annual production of original one act plays:  PLAYZAPALOOZA! 2019

Run Dates:  Friday & Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday at 2:30 pm from May 24 through June 09, nine performances total with a special Pay What You Can Thursday performance on May 30.  There is no performance Saturday, June 1.

$15 General Admission

Santa Paula Theater Center, 125. S. 7th St., Santa Paula

Reserve tickets  by phone:  (805) 525-4645,  or CLICK HERE for tickets! 

For the Thursday, May 30th PWYC performance, CLICK HERE for tickets!

This year's productions are:


Blue Bench

by Aleks Merilo - Hoping to confirm his suspicions about a particular circus act, a young man sneaks backstage at the worst circus in Paris. He instead finds himself confronted by a haunted figure who will change his life forever, and learns the secrets of the BLUE BENCH

YOUTH: Abraham Peyton
THE MAN: Sean Neil

Directed by Leticia Mattson



by Greg Atkins - Two friends meet up in a motel room. One is on the run and the other is there to arrest him. A sweet and humorous look at two men facing the inevitable.

OREN – Sean Neil
RAY – Bill Mattson

Directed by Elixeo Flores


Tempus Fugit

by Greg Atkins – Tempus Fugit is a Latin phrase, usually translated into English as “time flies”.  And may we also add “when you’re having fun”?  Which is what this play is, a fun and heart felt look into the past and future of our relationships.

GARY – Sergio Arias

Directed by Tammy Mora


Nearly Departed

by Michael Waterson – Meeting death can be disappointing.  Which, when you think of it, is probably a good thing.  Right?

STEVE - Scott Blanchard
REAPER - Marilyn Lazik
Directed by Leticia Mattson



by Jonathan Josephson – A spoof of M.R. James’ short story “Casting the Runes”, and that is all we are liberty to say about it, other than to say Runed is a most delightfully diabolical play.  Enjoy!  

Bunning - Doug Friedlander
Winkle - Sergio Arias
Payton - Scott Blanchard
Farswell - Angela DeCicco
Directed by Elixeo Flores


The Action Hero's Wife

by Michael Higgins - A woman trapped inside a Hollywood action movie tries to break free of the clichés that define her life.  Haven’t we all been there at least once or twice?

KAM - Sergio Arias
WILLIAMS - Bill Mattson
LAURA - Tammy Mora
TATIANA - Leslie Vitanza
Directed by Tammy Mora


The Chip

by Michael Higgins - The Chip is a comedy about a struggling artist 90 years in the future. To earn extra money, she allows an advertising firm to insert a computer chip in her head. But the effects on her romantic life are unsettling…to say the least. 

REBISSA - Tammy Mora
VANDER - Michael Adams
Directed by Leslie Vitanza


The Window

by Tristen Canfield – It’s a delightful play about a cat and a fish. 

FISH - Leticia Mattson
CAT - Angela DeCicco
Directed by Leslie Vitanza