Full Disclosure

Night Fever-Stories from the Disco Song Book will feature six stories  based on disco song titles. Disco means hedonism, boogie nights, a strobe lit sex and drug driven intimate dance party where there were no rules, just Night Fever. Our storytellers come from all backgrounds to share their bawdy bad-ass stories. DJ disco dancing at 6:15 PM

Disco music will be served by DJ Majestic. Feel free to don your best disco wear

STORYTELLERS Wanted! Audition Notice


TITLE: Full Disclosure – “Night Fever”- Stories from the Disco Song Book

Curator:  Anna Strickland

When: Sunday, November 5, 2017, 7:00 PM with Disco dancing at 6:15 PM with a DJ

Location: Santa Paula Theater Center 125 S. 7th Street, Santa Paula, Ca.  93060. 

Deadline for submissions:  Sept 30, 2017, 5pm

Submission FAQ at santapaulatheatercenter.org/full-disclosure

Audition Date: Thursday October 5, 7-10pm


Full Disclosure, Ventura County’s live storytelling event, is looking for six people to share true life stories about themselves for our November performance themed Night Fever- Stories from the Disco Song Book. This time we are soliciting stories inspired by disco song titles. Need song title inspiration?  Search for disco songs on Google! Also, lyrics are available online, for example https://www.lyrics.com/  or  https://www.azlyrics.com/ . iTunes will let you sample songs for free to jog your memory. A snippet from the song title of your piece will be used for your introduction and exit. For this show we want bawdy, badass, freedom to be-and-find yourself feel-good stories that transformed you. The feel should be disco (think Boogie Nights, Saturday Night Fever, Studio 54, an internal explosion, hedonistic-creative-energetic-tribal-sexual-dance party) but the stories do not have to be from the 70’s. Here are a few examples:

  • Have you ever been frustrated, struggling, wanting to get off your butt and do something you’ve never dared do? You might pick the song and title Shake Your Booty or Super Freak
  • Night Fever could be about unrequited love or about going home with someone you didn’t know and regretted (or not)
  • I Will Survive could be about a drug or alcohol experience
  • I Like the Night Life could be about promiscuity (if you dare, we will within reason)
  • Feel like you have no control? How about Don’t Leave Me This Way

Those are just some ideas; you will find plenty from your life reflected (metaphorically and literally) in song titles or lyrics. We have an inspiration list of song titles to stimulate you, email us. We are excited to hear from you. Our Submission FAQ will have details on how to write compelling stories, as well as resources; please be sure to read that (required).  Disco/70’s wear is encouraged but not required. We will have a DJ.

What you need to do:   Thoroughly read the audition details in the Submission FAQ, and contact us fulldisclosurestorytelling@gmail.com - attn.: Anna.  The deadline for entries is September 30, 2017, 5pm. Follow-up auditions will be Oct. 5, 7-10pm.

For more information about the submission process visit:

Click Here For SUBMISSION Details

  Previous performance clips can be viewed at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJNtMO4VH-iGJPWwitpWggg/videos