The Santa Paula Theater Center backstage announces auditions for an original play THE FALL OF LADY M by Michael Perlmutter on Monday June 10th (from 7 – 9 pm) & Wed., June 12 (7-9) at the Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 South 7th Street in Santa Paula. Invited callbacks will be on Thursday, June 13th at 7 pm at the theater.  THE FALL OF LADY M performances will be in August 2 – 18, 2019 on Friday and Saturday evening at 8 pm and Sunday matinees at 2:30 pm. This is a Non-Equity production.  There is NO PAY. 

This project is a workshop presentation directed by the playwright. Actors will be asked to do cold readings from the script.  No appointments are necessary. Questions regarding the play or preparation for auditions may be asked directly to the playwright/director, Michael Perlmutter, at   No conflicts allowed for performances or for tech week (the week preceding opening).  All roles are open. Sides available online at


Told through the eyes of her two chambermaids, THE FALL OF LADY M centers on Lady MacBeth's lust for power, manipulations, rise to position, dissent into madness, and ultimate death.  Relying on all female characters including unique twists on Ladies MacBeth, MacDuff and, of course, the three witches, THE FALL OF LADY M spins a new tale of murder, betrayal, defiance and taking hold of the future, set inside that of the classic story of power, greed and the edge of fantasy. 


SPTC is looking for 7 actors, female for THE FALL OF LADY M.  All roles are open: 


Lady M  (a noble woman 35 – 55)  Ambitious, and a little paranoid.  quite certain she knows what is best.  She keeps her true thoughts and feelings closely guarded.  Born in the wrong time or of the wrong gender she is determined to be accepted, respected, feared and somewhere in the back of her heart, loved.  


Vanessa (ten to twenty years younger than Lady M) A young widow and mother, pulled by circumstances from her home and family to care for them from afar.  Vanessa is eager to please her new employer but fearful all the same.  Innocence and optimism have served her well up until now.  


Agnes  (five to twenty years older than Lady M) Nurse and chamber woman to the Lady MacBeth.   Knows all too well that she is set to be retired and has been put in charge of training her replacement.  She has given up much over the years for the good of Country and Castle.  She has taught herself well to keep into the shadows and never let her guard down.  


The Three Witches (ages open but within a few years of each other)   NOT AMBITIOUS.  Nor evil, living one day at a time, taking advantage of opportunities as they arise but only if they drop in their laps.  herbal practitioners (aka White Witches); low level trash; their time is most often spent sampling their own inventories.  First millennial meth heads.  Survivors.  


Lady MacDuff  (a noble woman five to ten years younger than Lady M) One might say the proper heir to the queen’s throne. Noble without trying, Discreet without effort, political when she needs to be.  She has come to accept her pride is not worth the lives of her children.  She cares for her country and is wary of the woman who has seized the crown.


WHAT:                 Auditions for FALL OF LADY M written and directed by Michael Perlmutter.

WHERE:               Santa Paula Theater Center's Backstage, 125 So. 7th St., Santa Paula, CA

WHEN:                Monday, June 10th (from 7-9 pm.) and Wed., June 12 (7-9)

HOW:      Cold readings from the script. No appointments necessary, all inquiries about prep and the play to Michael Perlmutter
Michael Perlmutter
Leslie Nichols
Primary Producer, Santa Paula Theater Center