Backstage at SPTC (Santa Paula Theater Center), announces open auditions for
PLAYZAPALOOZA! 2018 (a series of one act plays). All roles are open and many actors
will have the opportunity to accept more than one role.
Auditions will be held Monday and Tuesday, April 16 and 17, at 7:00 p.m. at the Santa
Paula Theater Center, 125 S. 7 th Street. No appointment necessary. Auditions will
consist of readings from the scripts, which will be available at the auditions.  Full scripts
will be available soon at, as well as indicated sides.
Run Dates: Three consecutive weekends beginning May 25, and closing Sunday, June
10, nine performances total with a special Thursday performance on May 31. No
performance Saturday, June 2. Rehearsals will commence very shortly upon being cast.

A LITTLE CULTURE (1M/1F) (10 min, comedy)
In an attempt to expand the horizons of her blue-collared husband, Jane an aspiring
culture-connoisseur, brings him to the theatre for a rousing series of short plays.
JANE, F, 30’s to 40’s, reads Elle with a Sharpie
GEORGE, M, 30’s to 40’s, comfortable in his love-handled skin

172 PUSH-UPS (1M, 2F) (10 min, drama)
A soldier, coming home for Christmas, meets up with a veteran in crisis, and makes a
TOM, M, 60’s to 70’s, a Viet Nam veteran in a thin coat
QUINN, F, 20’s, just out of the army
JENNY, 20’s, Quinn’s girlfriend

YELLOW MEANS CAUTION (1M/1F) (10 min, comedy)
A passive-aggressive act of insane proportions wakes up a woman’s husband to give her
the attention she deserves.
MAX, works hard all day, and plays on-line video games all night
LORETTA, takes drastic action to make her husband realize that he pays little attention
to her anymore

THE BEAUMONT TECHNIQUE (2M/1F/M) (15 min, comedy)
A quirky, aging, character actor offers acting lessons at a small theatre. His first student
is not impressed.
SEBASTIAN BUAUMONT, M, 50’s-70’s, very full of himself
DUANE, M, 20’s-40’s, an acting student
BITSY, M/F, Sebastian’s assistant, 20’s to 50’s.

SWITCHING TRACKS (1M,1F) (10 min, drama)
A woman, sitting in a self-imposed box, decides what is really worth risking.
MAN, any race or gender, any age, well dressed and groomed
WOMAN, any race or gender, also very well dressed and groomed

SOME ENCHANTED EVENING (1M/1F) (10 min, comedy)
A young couple make eye contact for the first time… and it could change both of their
LAURA, 20’s or early 30’s
JOSH, 20’s or early 30’s

THE MEMORY BOX (1M, 1F) (10 min, drama)
A man, filled with doubt and uncertainty during his transition to “Whatever Lies
Beyond,” meets a woman on “The Other Side” who shows him the goodness that he
holds within him.
THE MAN, any age, any ethnicity
THE WOMAN, any age, any ethnicity

SALES OF A DEADMAN (3 M, 1 F) Arthur Jolly (10 min, comedy)
When the salesman atop the leader board passes away, his co-workers argue and finagle
with their boss about who should claim his spot… and the first prize of a brand new car.
KYLE, M, 20’s to 40’s
POTTSY, F, 20’s to 40’s
JANICE, M, 20’s to 40’s
EDDY, F, 20’s to 40’s